No Excuses


So I won an internet drawing and got all this cool stuff! Plus the online class! It’s all from Gina Rossi Armfield’s No Excuses Art Journaling. And I love it!


Gina has developed a fun, easy way to get a little something on the page every day. She uses a planner and watercolors and has tons of fun ideas and prompts to keep you creating.


I couldn’t really find a planner I liked in late February so I went with my favorite art journaling book, a 6″ by 9″ Bee Paper Super Deluxe sketchbook that I’m slowly turning into a planner.


I’m having lots of fun so far using it to capture daily doodles and quotes I want to remember, as well as brief notes about my days.


Here’s my book and the little Koi watercolor travel set I bought to go with it. I’m not using the watercolors in a very watercolory way yet, but having portable paint is awesome!

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