You know how sometimes you plan a little adventure and you are really looking forward to it and then it turns out even better than you imagined?  

Back in the early spring when I was still flattened by cancer treatment I made a plan with two of my BFFs for a 4th of July girls weekend in Los Angeles. It was like a big shiny reward waiting for me at the end of my long cancer tunnel. 

I was over-the-top excited to get to LA and see palm trees and the ocean! 




Shopping in Venice, dancing in a club, Chicago and fireworks at the Hollywood Bowl, wine and cheese and figs on the patio, brunch at the Bel Air, bikes on the beach in Santa Monica, dinner in the Malibu Hills. Our visit was so charmed, we joked in hashtags all weekend. #hollywoodbowldoesntsuck #hotelbelairdoesntsuck #malibucafedoesntsuck #mylifeisawesome #kickingcancersaass #couldyougetthebluemaseratiinthepicture #tallysmakingallmydecisions

But the best part? #BFFs

My girls took such good care of me and time with them is always such a blessing.  I left LA feeling so filled up and loved. It was magical. #adventureswithfriendstrulydontsuck

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