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More adventures

It’s been a great summer for adventures! Wonderful small “a” adventures. Rather than fretting about the unattainability of big “A” Adventures, it’s way more fun to jump in the car and go do some fun local-ish thing. Like actually going … Continue reading

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I need to do the work that is my work.

I made the mistake of going to the basement yesterday. No, not the part with the laundry and the cat boxes and the beer fridge where I go all the time. I went to the giant mess of a room … Continue reading

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This project is making me happy right now

Ooh, I love it when an idea starts to come together! I’ve been puttering around with art making all summer, knowing that it’s when I work on things that I get ideas for new things. And it worked! I figured … Continue reading

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Now that’s a summer weekend!

Oh my goodness! I need a day off to recover from my long weekend off! The final tally was: Loon Lake, Spokane Indians baseball, Coeur d’ Alene Lake for a reunion of dad’s cousins, the Color Run and a last … Continue reading

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It’s August Break!

It’s August and time for August Break with Susannah Conway. I love August Break because it’s so simple and it makes me savor the everyday pleasures of the month. I kicked off August Break with a real August break, a … Continue reading

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