Inspiration: breaking it down

I’m completely obsessed with this crocheted blanket from French blog Clothogancho. If there were a pattern, I would just make it as is, that’s how much I’m in love with this. But there’s no pattern and the blog is in French so I’ve had to be more creative in breaking down what I love about this piece. 

Here’s another blanket from the same French maker. 

And one more. I love all of these. But why? And more importantly, if I wanted to make something similar, where would I start?

I’ve been studying these pictures as well as poring over Pinterest and Ravelry for similar ideas and figured out the elements that are making me swoon. 

Like most art, I’m initially drawn in by the use of color. This piece from Buscando Comienzos (Is there some reason I must obsess over things written in foreign languages? And why doesn’t Google Translate work better?) shows how different the humble granny square can look when you mix up the color placement. Plus it’s scrappy. A big part of what I like about the Clothogancho pieces is the subtle variation in color that comes from using a lot of different colors. 

In spite of (or perhaps in reaction to?) the bright clear colors I’m using in my Splendid Sampler quilt, I’m drawn to the rich, greyed colors in this blanket by Magda de Lange, similar to the palettes in the Clothogancho pieces. 

And then there’s the pattern. This beautiful blanket by Ros Badger uses color placement to create a medallion. Clothogancho takes the medallion motif one step farther, using both color placement and border rows to create pieces that look like more like exotic Persian rugs than simple granny square afghans. 

What will I do with all these elements now that I’ve broken them down to manageable bites? I have a couple of ideas cooking in my head. From what I can figure out from Google Translate, the amazingly skilled and talented Clothogancho maker prefers to just start making and figure it out as she goes. Seems like a great plan to me…

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5 Responses to Inspiration: breaking it down

  1. Julie says:

    These are all amazing! I think what draws me to them is the relationship to quilting. The color, the design, and the pattern are all fantastic. I haven’t wanted to make a new granny square afghan for years, but have never gotten started. I made one in the 70’s!

  2. These are sooooo gorgeous. i had no idea an afghan could be so stunning!

  3. Did you figure out what you are going to do with all of this beautiful inspiration? I too love these designers. A pattern would be fantastic!

    • Hi Tracy! I have a couple of ideas, one a small art piece and another an afghan. Unfortunately they got back-burnered while I was busy playing this summer. Hopefully I will pick them back up as the weather gets colder!


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