I want to make a quilt

It happens every January. I start to get itchy and obsessively search the internets to see all the new quilt-block-of-the-month offerings. Being stuck in bed with my good friend iPad so much this year has made it even easier to spend hours drooling over quilts. 


 This 365 Challenge is my favorite this year. It’s sooooooo delicious. But it’s really a block a day which clearly isn’t happening. 

This  Longmeadow quilt is super pretty. But if I’m going to invest the time to make something like this, I’d rather design it myself. That’s actually the thought that stops all my block-of-the-month dreaminess in its tracks every year. Because I never actually make one of these things. That would be crazy. 

So….I’m reevaluating crazy. My word this year is open…I want to be open to ideas and experiences. Also, my cat Sark digs a few pieces out of my fabric stash in the basement and brings them upstairs to me every day. He’s reminded me how much beauty is packed away in that stash and how much I love fabric. 

Then I found The Splendid Sampler, a mystery block of the month by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson. It’s two blocks a week (I know, big challenge to keep up) and it’s all different block styles. I’m thinking that would give me the complexity that I love about the 365 challenge quilt. Except without, you know, actually making 365 blocks. Anyway, here’s the fabric I pulled from my stash:

Also Bobby. I’m thinking the turquoises would be my neutral. Because right now I’m in love with the way Kaffe Fassett uses color:

This is from Passionate Patchwork. Yummy. 

Here’s a picture of Sark. 

And here’s to crazy!

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2 Responses to I want to make a quilt

  1. I love your fabric choices and the turquoise is fabulous. I have been thinking about you alot and I admire your work so much with everything you have going on.

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