Doing it anyway

Hmm, I wonder if this thing still works?  Guess I’ll shake off the dust and find out…

So, um, long time no blog. Lots of things have happened, lots of blog posts have been written in my head and left there to fade away. With the new year and some newish circumstances there have been the inevitable thoughts about things I do and don’t want to spend my time doing going forward. For whatever reason, this blog remains stubbornly on the “do” list, so here I am. Explanations and excuses are boring so I’ll start over like I mean to go on, just doing it anyway. 

Because just doing it anyway, on the oh-so-important creative front, is how I’m rolling these days. In a time of overwhelm and stress, of surgery and loss of electricity for 9 days, of deliberately induced exhaustion and discomfort, daily creativity has become a dear friend that sits with me and tells me jokes and comforts me. 

Big paintings, small paintings, art journals, crochet hats, quilt blocks, there’s time for everything if you do something every day. I’ve known this with my head for a while now. Perhaps the blessing of my current challenges is to write this knowledge on my heart. I don’t know, I’m just doing it anyway.  

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3 Responses to Doing it anyway

  1. Mariel says:

    You’re ‘preaching to the choir’ Nikki . . . were you surprised by how much you’ve actually done when you posted your pics of all the wonderful things you’ve created?! I really really miss MaryJo at Spokane Art. Haven’t done squat since she left. My big artistic do~ings are making signs at work for retirements, adopting kefir grains, & a fancy month lettering page. Boooo . . . . ! I wish you well on your health journey (let me know if you want to make kefir!). I do believe you have the art angle covered. And ALWAYS enjoy pics of your ‘fur-herd’. Seems like it’s been a loooong dreary winter, tho so many others have it much worse. ‘Shall we sigh in 2-part harmony’???! Mariel

  2. Bobbi Brown says:

    Glad to see you are doing it anyway! Praying for you daily.


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