The 100 Days Project


So I joined the 100 Days Project. “It’s a celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making. The great surrender is the process; showing up day after day is the goal.”

I’ve written before about how make-x-every-day challenges are not something I’m much good at. Back then I said, “I have a limited amount of creative time and energy each day and the commitment to make something extra every day just doesn’t work well for me.”

But I also said this, “once I get into the momentum of making, the ideas start to flow and it’s easier to keep making.”

In the almost 2 years since I wrote that post, I’ve tinkered a lot with the concepts of habits and practice. I learned this. I decided that I needed to add more energy to my days since more time is not in the cards right now so I’ve experimented with a lot of new habits to increase my energy level. I figured out how much I can accomplish if I work at something steadily in small increments.


I learned that skipping your new habit for a day (or a week) is not a good excuse to give up. I also learned that recording your habit progress has to become a habit of its own. Some of those blank spots on my habit tracker are days when I didn’t make time to color in the dot and couldn’t remember later whether I did any drawing or not.


So yeah, I made a commitment to paint and stitch a 3 inch collage square every day for 100 days and post a picture on Instagram. Because I’ve always wanted to make a patchwork-y piece with lots of different colorful little blocks. Because it’s a good way to strengthen my habit muscles. Because once I get into the momentum of making, the ideas start to flow and it’s easier to keep making. And more than anything, I want to keep making.

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One Response to The 100 Days Project

  1. I like this new direction, going back to your fiber roots and incorporating stitch.


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