What’s going on around here?!?


Hi there. Long time no blog. It seems the minute I chose the word FOCUS as my 2015 word for the year, I promptly lost every bit of focus I ever thought about having. Sheesh.

In this unusually warm Spokane winter, after 40ish years of intense dislike of the cold, it seems silly to say that I wasn’t prepared for the cold, but it turns out I wasn’t prepared for the cold. I wasn’t prepared for how much of my attention would be taken up with matters of staying warm. Or for how intense the desire to hibernate would be.




But it hasn’t ALL been hibernating…there’s been a lot of doodling.


Doodling almost every day.


There have been sporting events.


And fancy dress up events.


Trips to Trader Joe’s for some color.


And even a bit of art making.

And lots of putting on layers and cranking up the heat and trying to regain my focus…

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One Response to What’s going on around here?!?

  1. Very nice. Say ‘hi’ to your folks for me.


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