A Tale of 2 Scarves


A month or so ago I started knitting this scarf. I really wasn’t feeling well. My defenses were down. I was seduced by this blog post. Honestly, if I’d been feeling better I would have resisted the urge to make a really big scarf with really tiny yarn. Really. But the scarf on the blog was sooooo pretty and I felt sooooo yucky and I went right out and bought this pretty lavender Patons lace weight yarn and some size 3 needles and I started knitting this scarf.


Maybe a week later, I showed one of my dear people this ridiculous knitting project. She promptly reminded me that one of my other dear people is going through chemotherapy and could really use a nice soft scarf to help her stay warm. Clearly the ridiculous project would not work because it will take 5 years to finish. But I knew what would work so I went right out and bought some big chunky soft Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick yarn in Granite Stripe and some size 13 needles and started knitting this scarf.


These scarves are total opposites. One is really thick and chunky (I knit it with two strands) and came together very quickly. The chunkiness of the yarn hides all my mistakes. The other is fine and delicate and shows every mistake. I can knit for an hour and not make any visible progress. When I picked it up again after finishing the other one it felt so tiny in my hands. One is 15 stitches wide and the other is 100 stitches wide. And yet both scarves will be lovely and functional and made for the love of creating something beautiful with my own two hands.

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