Tutorial: Festive Chalkboards


I had fun earlier this month making festive little chalkboards for the holiday season. This project is super easy and makes a great gift or a fun addition to your holiday decor.

Please note that the chalkboard paint takes a couple of days to cure so you need to plan ahead a little to make these.

The main thing you need is clear chalkboard paint. The one i used is Clear Chalkboard Coating by Americana and I found it at Joann in the craft paint section.

You’ll also need some craft paint, some embellishments and a substrate to turn into your chalkboard. I used 8″ x 10″ mat board but chipboard, wood or a heavy Bristol paper would also work. Use whatever you have!


Paint a couple of coats of color on your substrate.


Add some subtle pattern with stencils and/or stamps. I found it’s best to keep it monotone and fairly simple. A busy background makes it hard to see your chalk message.

Paint a coat of the chalkboard coating and let it dry for 24 hours. Paint a second coat of chalkboard coating and let it dry another 24 hours. Season your new chalkboard by rubbing chalk over the whole thing and then wiping it off with an eraser or a soft cloth.


Now you can embellish your chalkboard any way you want and write your chalk message. I just added a border of washi tape and popped mine in a dollar store frame. I think it would be fun to add ribbons and jingle bells too. If you make one, send me a picture!

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