From inspiration to artwork

I had just started playing around with my stitched collages again when I popped in to a craft store on the way to the lake last August and saw this:


“Ah ha!” I thought, “I could collage an owl and stitch all those great feathers!” I snapped a picture for future reference.


I made a background and sketched out this little guy. I really loved that diamondy-shieldy shape of the feathers. I wanted them to have a watercolor look that the stitching would really accentuate.


At some point the owl was sitting next to the mariner’s compass stamp and I decided the stamp would make cool eyes. This type of discovery is one of the benefits of the Messy Desk School of Creativity.

Inspiration isn’t always this straightforward. Next up I’m planning a piece that is a funny idea I had while working on this piece. In the meantime, I need to paint something Christmasy in a hurry and I’m a little stumped. I may just hit the craft store for some new ideas.

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3 Responses to From inspiration to artwork

  1. Mariel says:

    Love your ‘messy desk school of creativity’! Such an autumn we have had.

  2. Maliyah says:

    Okay I’m covecnind. Let’s put it to action.


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