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It’s been a great summer for adventures! Wonderful small “a” adventures. Rather than fretting about the unattainability of big “A” Adventures, it’s way more fun to jump in the car and go do some fun local-ish thing. Like actually going to Palouse Falls instead of always saying “we should go to Palouse Falls sometime.” (Ohmigosh, Palouse Falls is incredible!!!)

Mom and I continued our vintage-sale-going ways with trips to Foxwood and Pickin’ on the Prairie. On our Foxwood trip we wandered in to Newport for lunch and discovered a wonderful old soda fountain as well as some great little shops.

For Mom’s birthday trip we went to Walla Walla for antique shopping, wine tasting and sight seeing. The Whitman Mission and Oregon Trail were very cool! Walla Walla is a great town and we’re already planning our next trip.

And finally, the event we waited for all summer, the nationally televised very first college football game of the season was in Cheney this year! It was a beautiful warm day and our EWU Eagles finally beat Sam Houston State and we had SO much fun!

Have you gone on any small “a” adventures this year? I’d love to hear about it!

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3 Responses to More adventures

  1. Say “hi” to your mom and dad for Chris and me. Our small “a” adventure this summer was taking our granddaughters to the Seattle Science Center. Chris also took the 9 year old to the Seattle Art Museum, and the 7 year old to a class on trapeze! Chris spent most of August helping our daughter and son-in-law build a deck for their swimming pool!

  2. I went to visit a friend in Wenatchee. I have only passed through Wenatchee, never having stopped there to do anything. The Farmer’s Market on Saturday was awesome! Confession time, I have never been to a Farmer’s Market so that was an adventure. I also got to go to Chelan for the first time ever and also another first, ate lunch at a winery. Moving Lisa and Kevin to Boise from Seattle was an adventure, I saw parts of Oregon and Washington I had never seen before. I had never turned off I-90 and headed south at Ellensburg and joined up with I-84 at Hermiston. I had never been between Baker City and the Idaho border!

  3. Snap says:

    I think the small “A” adventures are the best … you can so many more of them than the large “A” adventures! Looks like you had a grand time with your Mother. Lots of antiquing and beautiful scenery.


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