Around here lately


Reading: Devil in the Grove by Gilbert King. This is a well written, fascinating story of Thurgood Marshall’s legal work as an NAACP lawyer in the South during the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. I’m pretty familiar with the history of the Civil Rights movement in American history, but the inhumanity of the individual stories told here is horrifying. And not that far in the past.

Feeling: like I need to grab hold of summer and ride it for all it’s worth.


Smelling: basil and tomatoes and squash and all the deliciousness of the garden. Going out to water early every morning is a sensory delight!


Tasting: this cherry pie I made for mom’s birthday may not be the prettiest, but OMG, it tasted insanely good. I was totally impressed with myself!

Listening: guilty pleasure confession time. About a week ago I tuned my car radio to the local current pop hits station. I haven’t listened to this kind of stuff in years but I’m loving it. Iggy Azalea is my favorite.


Creating: I’ve been toying with stitched collage for a couple of years now. I had a major brainstorm about it a few weeks ago and I am hooked!

Wanting: beach time. Planning to remedy that 2 out of the next 4 days!


Pondering: what I want more of in my life and what I want less of in my life, with an assist from Selina Barker’s Project You course.


Definitely want more time outside with these little monkeys, even if they are plotting against me!


*the cherries were so thick on the trees at Cherry Hill this year that they looked like clusters of grapes. Mom and I picked over 20 pounds of pie cherries from one tree.

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One Response to Around here lately

  1. I love your post, so fun and cheerful!


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