Art Experimenting


Last month I wrote about how I started using cheap substrates to trick myself into trying more things and making more art. I’m happy to report that it’s working!


With the cheap materials there is no fear of messing things up. I’m free to try out lots of ideas because it’s all an experiment. If an experiment turns out bad, then I’ve learned something useful. With this piece I learned that I liked it best when it was just a black outline drawing. Those white background lines that I love so much in the dreamy pastel works of other artists do not translate to the bold blacks and brights I’m pulled to in my own work.


I’m doing a lot of quick drawings on index cards as well, inspired by the Index-Card-A-Day Challenge. Index cards are perfect for working out the realities of an idea.


I’ve been doing a little something creative every day. And the more ideas I experiment with, the more ideas I have!


Doing a little something every day means I have a couple of things in various stages all the time. And that in turn makes it easy to do something every day because there is always something that needs easy finishing work for those times when I don’t have the creative energy to work out a new idea or project.


Each experiment also builds my confidence for the next project. These roses were an experiment for something I want to try on a bigger piece.


And the best benefit of all this experimenting? It’s slowly bringing me back to my own work, to the work that is uniquely me. And that is really exciting!

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2 Responses to Art Experimenting

  1. These are all so awesome! You inspire me to at least want to do some experimenting!

  2. I like the first two a lot – and I guess I an agree that the first one is more appealing. But I do sorta like the addition of color as well. Really nice play!


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