Birthday trips…they’re a thing now

We’ve done birthday dinners in my family for a long time. The birthday person gets to choose what and where to eat, including dessert. Lately we’ve added birthday trips into the mix.


Mom, Dad and I all love to poke around in antique stores and vintage sales so our trips tend to focus on hunting for treasure. Here we are on Dad’s birthday trip last week. Their little dog Emily was our special guest. Wenatchee and Cashmere have HUGE antique malls!

Mom and I fell in love with Bloomers floral and home shop in downtown Wenatchee. So pretty!


I thought this was pretty funny!

My birthday is Tuesday so my birthday trip was yesterday. There were a lot of intriguing choices around Spokane so I decided to stick close to home. Mom and I started at our favorite Strawberry Festival. Gotta love vintage shopping paired with strawberry shortcake!

Next we headed downtown to Bazaar by Terrain, a new art market that we loved! Nestled into a pretty city block that’s closed to traffic, Bazaar had 50 artist booths, live music, food trucks and a beer garden. The artists were all local, mostly young and a bit edgier than what you traditionally see at the well-manicured traditional art/craft markets we have in Spokane.

We loved Burgleteens cute plushies! Zach Grassi is the artist.

Curse words and birds was another favorite.

As were Bovey’s prints featuring local neighborhoods.


This print by Chad Ramsey and Matt Bogue had to come home with me.


And just to confirm that it is truly, gloriously summer, we finished up my birthday trip with a game at the local minor league baseball park. Lovely.

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