Dearest, loveliest Farm Chicks

Oh Farm Chicks you never fail to delight and amaze us. What a treat to have the happiest antique show on earth right here in our hometown.


Mom and Aunt Susie were my partners in crime this year. It’s so much fun to enjoy the show with people you love.


As usual, we got caught up in the loveliness at JohnBob, the very first booth.



And I’m always a sucker for Debi Bock’s beautiful combinations of antiques and plants.



There is so much to see that is just so beautiful. This Madonna vignette was stunning.




There are so many creative ideas. I always come home filled to the brim with inspiration.




Mom treated us to Sweet Frostings’ delicious cupcakes. After all, Farm Chicks only happens once a year, like Christmas!


If you look closely you can see that the white tulle ribbon from the cupcake box ended up in my hair. That’s the thing about Farm Chicks, the air is filled with fun and whimsy and happiness. It’s so much more than just another antique show. You can also see the most exciting innovation this year – if you posted photos to Instagram with the hash tag #thefarmchicks, photoboxx printed your photo right there at the show for free! The photos came out 3″ by 4″ perfect for Project Life.


An oil painting, an old quilt, some glass bottles, some French ribbon. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but I couldn’t help bringing a few treasures home, reminders of another wonderful weekend at Farm Chicks.

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