How did it get to be June?

I’m a little stunned by the sudden appearance of magical June. I was just going along working and playing and resting and all of a sudden I’m in the midst of all this loveliness.

I’m trying to soak it in, spending long hours in the back yard with the cats, planting flowers and vegetables, grilling my dinner, half-listening to baseball games.




I’m all in with the begonias this year. I’m always so jealous of all the beautiful peonies this time of year as I don’t have any good planting spots that get enough sun for peonies. But these nonstop begonias provide their own flashy beauty and they will keep doing so all summer. In the shade!




I bought a big package of super-cheap mat board pieces to experiment on. It’s easier for me to experiment on super-cheap mat board. I don’t get all freaky about “wasting” good supplies and so I don’t get frozen and I end up actually making stuff. Sometimes It helps to trick myself into practicing like that.


And speaking of practicing, it’s Index Card A Day time again! I’m playing along on Instagram at #icad. Check out all the fun art!

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2 Responses to How did it get to be June?

  1. What a delight to meet you at the Bozzi Gallery, this evening, featuring the artwork of Steven Scroggins. Hopefully, to see some of your work hanging on the walls there, soon. And remember, next time you dye some cloth, you might think like adding just a few inches more to make yours truly a pocket hanky. Yes, please, and thank-you.

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