Sunday Check-in*

READING…Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. I pretty much love everything this guy has to say.

FEELING…the happy contentment of a weekend puttering at home.

SMELLING…Mabel Grey scented geranium. It reeks of lemon. Yum.

TASTING…Toasted Coconut Cookie Thins from Trader Joe’s. Double yum.

LISTENING…to the blissful quiet.


CREATING…my summer floral oasis. If you look closely you can see that they stretch on under the table and beyond.

WANTING…more of this precious downtime and warm weather.


PONDERING…this Leonard Cohen quote came up last week while I was retreating with some very dear friends.

*I’m borrowing this theme from the lovely Susannah Conway

**i found that beautiful quilt at Rare & Retro *Vintage* (27 W Indiana in Spokane) yesterday. I was driving by and saw it and drove around the block to go back for it. The store is new and well worth a stop if you happen to be a Spokane area lover of all things vintage.

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