Notes on Springing Forward


1. The increasing daylight has brought a corresponding increase in the feline energy level of my household. The sibling rivalry is getting a little ridiculous.


2. The suddenly amazing amount of light in the evening is very seductive. I get very busy running or drawing or making dinner or whatever and think “I have plenty of time…it’s still light out!” And then I look up and it’s bedtime.

3. The other end of the day brings its own issues. When the cats wake me up at 5:00 in the winter I can go back to sleep because it’s only 5:00. Now when they wake me up at 5:00 it’s actually 6:00 and I have to think about getting up. It’s not pretty.

4. The time change seems to get more challenging every year. It makes me wonder if I’m getting crotchety.

P.S. the twinkly lights on the mantle have been on since December. I’m not getting tired of them.

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One Response to Notes on Springing Forward

  1. I’m definitely getting crotchety about it. Because it is unnatural to do this and it IS getting more difficult for my body to adjust as I age. I like the lengthening days but that has nothing to do with shifting the arbitrary time of dawn and dusk. Each day has the exact amount of light as is would without so-called daylight saving time. Yes, I RANT! Told ya I was crotchety…


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