Olympic Love


Ohmigosh! The Olympic Patchwork Quilt that is the symbol of the Winter Games in Sochi is soooooo beautiful! All that gorgeous color and pattern popping up everywhere you look! (And I find it amusing that a city whose mayor proclaimed to have no gay residents has chosen both a rainbow and a patchwork quilt as a symbol!) you can learn more about the design and the individual patterns here. Each pattern represents a different artist or cultural tradition in Russia.


I’m also loving these coats the female Russian athletes wore to the opening ceremony.

And in a big turnaround from the Vancouver games, I’m loving Russian figure skater Yevgeny Pleshenko this time around. Maybe I’m still under the influence of the Seattle Seahawks, but I love the swagger of this 31 year old with a plastic disk in his spine who is still damn good at this young person’s sport.

Are you watching the Olympics? What do you love about it?

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1 Response to Olympic Love

  1. Yes! I love those colors and patterns too! And yeah, I’m kinda digging’ Pleshenko’s chili… as much I may not want to. Incredible. His skating gives me goosebumps!


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