Oh hello heartache. Funny how you show up when I least expect you. But you’ve been around enough times now that I’m getting better at coping with you.


I know that going to extremes with shadow comforts will only make me feel worse. So no drinking or crazy shopping trips. I laid in moderate provisions. A coke and a fancy chocolate bar yes, a whole cheesecake no. A magazine, some library books, a few new bottles of paint. Lots of fresh fruit? Yes please. A trip to the high school track to run further and faster than I ever have before? Sign me up.

The most extreme thing I’ve done this time around is buy a needlepoint kit with a coupon at Joanns. Yes, I know buying a needlepoint kit is a little bit crazy. But I wanted something big and complicated that I could work on without putting much thought in. I’ve learned from past experience that mindless handwork can be the best medicine. So I’m over here stitching away. Mending.

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One Response to Mending

  1. Sorry about the heartache, but it sounds like you are handling it well. The needlepoint kit actually sounds kind of fun. I found an old latch hook kit in Amy’s room that I may tackle, but for comfort right now I’m knitting dishrags.


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