Getting back in the groove

As much as I loved all the fun stuff I’ve been doing the last several weeks, at heart I’m a homebody and it was wonderful to have a weekend at home with no plans. I’m not one who can burn the candle at both ends, so when I haven’t been busy with all the fun stuff I’ve been busy resting so I could keep up. My creative time has been very limited even though my brain has been working overtime churning out new ideas. What a thrill it was to slip so easily back into a creative groove this weekend!


I love to color fabric and then stamp and stencil all over it but I’ve been looking for a way to take it up a notch and make it more personal. It’s been suggested to me that I should add more writing to my work. The mystery of how to pull it all together resolved while I was away on an adventure and I finally had a chance to play with an idea on Saturday. I’m loving the results!


Creativity in the garden was on the agenda for Sunday. I still have a lot of planting to do, but I made a lot of decisions about what to plant where and that’s the really creative part.


More decisions were made on my trip to Judy’s Enchanted Garden with mom. I love all the beautiful nooks and crannies in that place!


I’ll leave you with this pretty bouquet that Thursday made for me. It’s parsnip blossoms!

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