Crazy Spring Art Party Love

Ohmigosh I have so much to tell you! The last several weeks have been FILLED with crazybusyawesome stuff. Just today I finally had a minute to stop and look around.  I’ve been super-inspired by all the fun and I can’t wait to work on new art projects and get stuff planted in the yard. In the meantime, here’s some pics from just one of the fun events (more to follow!).


Look at this! I wish I’d made this! Isn’t it lovely and inspiring?  It’s just one of many beautiful things made at my table at The Great Spokane Art Party.


This was my table. Looks like a party yes?  There were 20+ tables with different artists doing make and take projects. And there were tons of people wandering around drinking wine and eating goodies and sitting down to do projects at whichever table struck their fancy.


My project was mixed media self portraits, which was really just an excuse to paint with your fingers and play with my stamps and stencils. My table was crazy busy all night and so much cool making happened.


I even had several gentlemen sit down and get messy with the paint!

I had so much fun! I really love teaching people who don’t see themselves as artistic or creative. It’s amazing how much they relax and have fun once they get their fingers in the paint (which happens right away in my classes!). Which reminds me, if you are local and interested in hosting a few friends for your own little art party let me know – I’d love to come teach for you!

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One Response to Crazy Spring Art Party Love

  1. Nikki says:

    I almost forgot to say I couldn’t have managed the art party without the help of my mom!


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