Art and Walking


This is Mike. Mike was one of the very best persons ever. We lost him last summer to a really sucky horrible disease called pulmonary fibrosis. Mike ran in every Bloomsday they ever had.

Bloomsday is a 12K here in Spokane that attracts 50,000 or so participants every year. Despite spending most of my life somewhere near here, I’ve never done Bloomsday. It’s become sort of a point of pride that I don’t. But I’m doing it this year for Mike.

A bunch of Mike’s family is walking/running to honor him and to raise awareness and money for pulmonary fibrosis. There is a Bloomsday for Mike page where you can learn more about pulmonary fibrosis. I would be so honored if you choose to make a donation to support our efforts.

And let me be perfectly honest: this is going to be a big effort for me. I’m not a runner so I’m going to walk. I’ve been out doing some training the last few months, but not enough to make this anything less than a daunting task. I walked 6 miles a week ago Sunday for the MS Walk and I learned two things from that: 1. I got this. I know I can do it. 2. It’s gonna hurt. Love for my friends who have MS buoyed me through that and love for Mike will carry me through this.


This is me with my friend Vickee at the MS Walk.  I was so proud to walk for her team!

Sheesh, now I’ve gone on and on about walking and I haven’t even mentioned art! So here’s the deal: Saturday I’m going to teach at the Great Spokane Art Party. Food, wine and hands on art making, all to raise money to support early childhood education. What’s not to love about that?


This is a gratuitous pretty foliage photo from my neighbor’s yard. I didn’t have any Great Spokane Art Party photos but I wanted you to have something pretty to look at.

So anyway, what I wanted you to know is, I’m feeling really blessed by these opportunities to use my abilities to help some people out. Art and walking for others is kinda cool.

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2 Responses to Art and Walking

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  2. Deborah says:

    Gosh, You have such a lovely and uplifting blog. So sorry about your pal, Pistol. Glad for your good memories.


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