Saturday Ramble

Mom and I had a Saturday ramble this weekend, the first one this year. We love to jump in the car, hit McDonalds drive-thru and see where the day takes us. We usually have at least our first destination in mind but we stay open to serendipity. We were jonesing for some vintage shopping (can’t wait for show season to start!) and after a few false starts we ended up here:


Roost is my new favorite store! It’s the perfect mix of pretty styling and junky piles of stuff to pore over.

We also went to Two Women’s newish store downtown:


We loved this place too.

Next we headed north, caught a takeout lunch at Aloha Island Grill and hit the garden center at Fred Meyer.


Here’s my garden loot! At the top you can see the cute plate rack mom found at Roost. She’s going to use it as a coat rack – genius!


Here’s mom’s garden loot. Note the flowers stashed in the dog carrier.


When I started laying out my vintage loot, Pistol thought I was making a cat bed.


I came home with a pottery barn duvet cover, an old baby quilt in beautiful shape, a fleur de lys finial and my favorite, this wonderful little statue of St. Francis. Love!

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One Response to Saturday Ramble

  1. I love the idea of the ‘ramble’. I’ll have to convince my husband to try it out some weekend.


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