Playing Hooky

I took the day off on Friday. And I didn’t work on art projects. I’ve been working diligently on art projects on all my weekends and holidays since the first of the year. Between eating better to improve my energy levels and a new focus on my goals (more on these topics in an upcoming post), I’ve been much more disciplined about actually working on stuff.


Here’s proof I’ve been working on projects. I taught my new Stitch Up a Sundress class to my mom to practice and work out the kinks.

Anyway, what with all the working at work and the working at home, I was ready for a day. I didn’t really have any plans but I ended up shopping all morning. I didn’t buy much but it felt like such a luxury to just putter around in the stores with no schedule and no pressure to hurry home to work on stuff. In the afternoon I took a nap, cuddled with the cats and read a murder mystery.


Saturday I played hooky again, enjoying Spokane’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. I love the bagpipes and the green jello shots!

I’ve been wanting to stitch something more embroidery-like than any of my current stitching projects but I’ve been unable to figure out exactly what I wanted to do. A couple of days of brain rest must have been good for me as I finally figured it out on Sunday. Yes, I know I don’t need another project right now, but I’m pretty excited about this one.


This is not just another gratuitous cute cat photo. No sirree. It’s a visual aid to some very important information. I’ve been strictly instructed to inform nikkidaisy readers that Bobby and Sark are not just cute funny big cats, they are also extremely handsome and very loving cats. It’s true. They have beautiful soft shiny coats and they are very cuddly and lovey. They are also cat-dogs who greet me at the door and follow me around everywhere. They learned everything they know from Pistol.

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One Response to Playing Hooky

  1. Jennifer Thomas says:

    I bet our boys would get along quite well. Mine also greet me at the door and get under foot.


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