Stuff I’ve been working on


This piece is finally finished-ish. It’s painted collage on canvas, 11″ by 14″. The goal when I started was to make a piece that was turquoise, red, yellow and pink. HA! Green laughs in the face of my pitiful attempts to leave it out of anything I paint!  I’m really loving the turquoise, red, yellow, pink color scheme though, so I’ll probably try again.

The part of this that’s intriguing me at the moment is my tiny timid attempts at writing and doing a little pen work. It was even tinier and more timid to start but I really liked it so I went back in with a bigger pen.  It has been suggested that writing works well with my work, that it makes my work more personal, that I should do more of it.  Also, I love words and the texture of writing and I’m also really loving writing along curves right now. So I’m gonna go with this writing thing for a while and see what happens. Perhaps I will write on some turquoise, red, yellow and pink curves!


These are my current working conditions. I can’t really sit at my studio table without being joined by one of these two.  Besides the distracting cuteness, there is the sheer amount of space they take up. My cute little kittens have turned into cute very large cats. Ah well, this is a good problem to have.

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One Response to Stuff I’ve been working on

  1. Linda Cross says:

    Yep on the kittens!


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