I rearranged my little library room last week to include a small studio space. I was reading the feature on  Mary Ann Moss in the new issue of Art Journaling magazine and I was inspired by her small studio in the 2nd bedroom of her home. I have a big studio space in the basement but a)it’s too cold down there in the winter and b)I don’t much like working in a space that feels far away from the rest of the house. So I’ve been working at the dining room table: bad light and big messes I keep having to clean up so people can actually eat in there.

I love this cozy new space! There’s room for my favorite art supplies but not much more so I don’t have room to get overwhelmed with too many choices. I still have a comfy chair for reading and lots of nooks for cats (they are all 3 in here with me right now). I really love having a table where I can sit and look out the window, something I’ve never had in a studio space before. I can’t wait to create in this space!

I’ve been doing some other bits of rearranging around here: mostly of the mental and lifestyle variety. Small changes to improve my energy level and re-balance my relationship with time.

What are you rearranging in your life? Let me know in the comments!

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One Response to Rearranging

  1. I know what you mean about the basement space. I really didn’t enjoy my studio in the basement as it was so far away from the family and also very dark. Good luck with your new space…the window right in front of your workspace is great.


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